Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge

This weekend I got to visit Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge in southern New Jersey.  This refuge is a great place to visit to see birds and other wildlife. Many birds stop here in the fall and spring during migrations.  It is actually part of what is called the “Atlantic Flyway.”

One of the things you can do at this refuge is drive on the 8 mile Wildlife Drive. This road takes you around part of the refuge and through some of the different habitats. You can see a lot of wildlife right from your car. There are also hiking trails through different parts of the refuge.

On my visit I learned a lot about how the refuge manages wildlife. There is a lot of information on the different signs that tells you about how they make habitats for different birds. While you are here you might see a falcon, an osprey, or even a bald eagle.

The Visitor’s Center has lots of exhibits, and you can borrow bird identification books and binoculars.  You can also get a Junior Refuge Manager book and badge.

The Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge is an amazing place to visit, so if you are in southern New Jersey make sure you stop by.img_20170219_153150img_20170219_143433img_20170219_143953img_20170219_142949img_20170219_143923


Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge

2 thoughts on “Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge

  1. Reblogged this on South Jersey Trails and commented:
    In the Junior Ranger Sarah Blog (Sarah Hullihen For President 2044! She has my vote already), Sarah and her friend Buddy Bison check out a lot of great places in South Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Some are nature, some are history, all are great!

    Well worth checking out.


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